Privilege and Position

Philippians 1:1 – 11
Followers of Jesus Christ have privilege and position!

Are you able to live so you reflect God’s truth, wisdom and sound discretion?
We need to pray daily for God’s insight and guidance in how to live pleasing to Him.

As people who believe the Bible is God’s Word and instruction manual, it’s really no mystery how we’re to live. Over and over, in various ways and stories, we’re told to live in a manner that sets us apart.

A favorite book of many people, often called the book of rejoicing, is Philippians. It’s a book written to a people who understood their role as partners with Jesus Christ. Knowing that Jesus is the Lord and Savior of all, these believers patterned their lives after Jesus who took on the form of a humble servant. Paul declares his joy in knowing they are serving and fully participating in the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

Paul wrote the letter to the church in Philippi as a prisoner in Rome.  Acts 16 tells the story of Paul going to Philippi – the major Roman city of that area of Macedonia. He met Lydia and some of her friends when they were at the river. Lydia’s keen interest in what Paul had to say about Jesus, and evidence of a solid belief in God, was the seed for a vibrant Christian community in Philippa.

Position and Privilege
     We are in Christ Jesus – We have our being!   (vs 1)
We are in a relationship to Christ Jesus – saints!
servants of Jesus Christ
As the children of God, our Father, His grace and peace are given to us. (vs 2)
We are all participants of the Gospel (vs5)
God will complete the work He is doing in you, and make His work in you perfect! (vs 6)

These points condensed into three aspects of our privilege and position:
   1) A new status in relation to God – I am His beloved child!
2) A new life
saints and servants of Jesus – my life in Jesus will be completed and perfected!
3) A new community
community & family of believers – we are brothers and sisters in Christ!

Paul’s Prayer vs 9 – 11
That Love abound more and more.
What does that love look like? Real knowledge and all discernment! In God’s grace and wisdom our love becomes genuine and solid. It’s not a love based on emotions but God opening our eyes to seeing others with His heart and understanding.
Illustration of a Shelter & food insecure/homeless person:  A team of people can intervene with excellent intention supplying all sorts of intervention: support, instruction, medical and dental, personal and emotional validation, and encouragement to the person but until that person truly wants to change in heart, mind and soul nothing will change.
It’s the same with us. Jesus welcomes us and baths us in His love and forgiveness. He covers us with His garments of grace as though we are sinless – God sees us as righteous in Christ! This is our new status! Jesus desires to do His work in us but free will is a reality.

We need to be open and accepting to the moving and guidance of the Holy Spirit to do the work in us. To restore us as His Child in heart, mind and soul.
We have to do our part – to yield to God, to allow the Holy Spirit to work in us.
To get out of the way of self.
So, we need to seek God’s wisdom/knowledge and discernment. Why?

To be sincere and blameless!
To be filled with the fruit of righteousness.
Set apart, different, victorious in living this life here on earth.
To discern, to understand, and to love as He loves us.

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