God Speaks, God Sees

Do you like putting together a jigsaw puzzle? Do you like those that can be assembled within a few hours or are you one who loves a complex, challenging puzzle that lays on a dedicated table for however long it takes?

Paul David Tripp in “New Morning Mercies” writes “If eternity in not central to your life it’s like putting together a picture puzzle that’s missing the center piece.”

“How many of you thought about eternity last week? Last month? Daily?
As incredibly important and even colorful as your life is, each person’s time here on earth is fleeting, like a vapor. (James 4:14) Our lives, our thoughts, words and actions should line up with the understanding that we were created for eternity. Ecc 3:11 He has set eternity in our hearts. “In the human heart” is an expression representing the mind, soul, or spirit of each person. God places eternity (Hebrew olam) into our heart and soul.

Humans have been given a sense of eternity in our lives; we possess an innate knowledge that there is something more to life than what we can see and experience in the here and now.

When we acknowledge that we were created for eternity our time on earth should have far more significance.  God’s eternity is at the core of life!

Psalm 33  God Speaks and God Sees
I. God Speaks
vs 1 – 3 Worship with praise

We are called to worship God.  Worship is imperative.
Joyful praise to God is beautiful to Him
Praising Him gives us focus beyond the temporal.

vs 4 – 9 The Power of the Word – God Speaks
4-5 It is through God’s words that God works!  Are we listening?
6-9 By God’s words He created – by the breath of His mouth. Ruah – the Holy Spirit!
All people should be in awe of –to reverently fear–our Creator. He only has to speak and it is done.
vs 10-12
Governments and people can plan and take action but God will have the final say.

II. God Looks and Sees!
vs 13 – 19
God looks from heaven and sees everyone.18 – 19
He delivers those who hope in Him. No matter what’s happening here on earth our hope rests on the reality of eternity.
Our hope is not situational or temporary. Our hope is not based on plans of people or on places.
Our hope is a person — Jesus!

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