RX for Christian Heartburn.

May 11, 2021

This week as we gathered for worship, we experienced the joy of encouraging each other, praying for one another and friends as well as the blessings of praising God.

Roger attempted to start his message on “RX for Christian heart burn” with a picture of two disciples and Jesus on the road to Emmaus along with a recording of Willie Nelson singing “On the Road again.” However it was with great grace and humor that everyone accepted the newly appointed ‘technology team’s (of one) failed attempt to pull of the desired feat. Soooo, Before you listen to the message on you-tube please go to the pictures in an article at: https://emmausroadministries.international/2021/02/17/the-emmaus-road/ and listen any version you want of Willie Nelson singing “On the Road again”

The message can be found at: https://youtu.be/NKxdwKpD6-s

Thank you for your patience as I continue working out the details of filming, editing, posting videos of each week’s messages. Thank you also to Wanda for her excellent instructions that allow me to take over the technology ministry of Scotts Mills Friends that she may have a well deserved sabbatical.

Cathy Knox

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