At the opening of the service this morning Jeanne read all of James 4. Please read James 4 today! It’s an important reminder on how to conduct ourselves, especially when too often a common reaction these days is to be judgmental and critical.

I hope you are all doing well as you trust in God’s faithfulness and love during these seemingly dark days. These are times when we need to lean hard into God’s grace and mercy, completely dependent on Him for peace of mind.

Nothing takes God by surprise. There is not one movement, not one tumultuous event, not one angry thought or word that takes God by surprise.
Psalm 139: God knows all about me: when I sit down or get up, He knows what I’m going to say before I open my mouth. Even the darkness is not dark to God.

We can have full confidence that God knows exactly what’s happening here on earth! The one thing that each one of us can, and must do is to be in prayer for our world leaders, for our nation, and for believers to all be in sincere prayer. Pray God’s will be done! Pray that His wisdom, discernment, and calmness will be in the hearts and minds for people making decision so that true Truth will be revealed, true Justice will be exercised with common sense and decency. Pray the forces of evil will be held in check!

Pastor Roger Knox brought a message: The Importance of God’s Word. We need to be soaking in His Words, especially these days! As Roger reminds us, when Satan tried to trick and tempt Jesus, Jesus always refuted him by speaking scripture. “As it is written…” Can you rebuff Satan’s temptations by a verse that gets to the heart of the temptation?

Let’s be people of the Word in 2021.
Blessings to each of you as you shine the light of Jesus in this dark world,

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