How to live as Christians today.

Notes from Roger Knox’s sermon:
No matter what is happening in our world, and in politics, we can have confidence that nothing comes as a surprise to God. No matter what happens, God knows, God cares, God will provide.
The Lord is my shepherd, I have everything I need…

How are we to live as Christians in these times when differences – perceived and real – are tearing people apart?
How do we followers of Christ live with shouts of rhetoric hammering points of division?
How do we, who believe in God’s Word, live when fingers are pointing, angry voices are shouting, truth is elusive?

As Christians we don’t follow the call of other humans.

We follow the calling of God.
His calling is to love our neighbors.
His calling is to serve a cup of cold water in the name of Jesus.
To take hot coffee and food to those who curse us.
To share the message of the Truth of God’s redemption and love.

We are to walk with Jesus,
to know His Word,
to rest in His love.

The Lord is my shepherd.

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