Lessons from Jeremiah

– “We are thankful for the help of friends and neighbors in the recent weeks of storm effects. It has been heartening to see folks reaching out to help others, the influx of utility workers to repair the infrastructure, and the kindness expressed to them. We have leaned on the Lord, and prayers were answered with miraculous protection. God is glad to help.” (Bulletin)

– Fund-raiser for the Scotts Mills Elementary School outside covered play structure.
Checks may be sent to
Scotts Mills Friends
PO Box 56
Scotts Mills, OR 97375.
Note on the donation that it’s for the school covered play area.

Praise: None of the huge trees planted around the Benedictine Nursing Center fell on the buildings!

Roger preached on Jeremiah this morning. Over and over God sent His messages through Jeremiah pleading with His people to give up idol worship, to practice justice and goodness, to observe the Sabbath and to follow God.

Almost 3000 years later He’s still pleading with us to give up the things we idolize and to follow Him.

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